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QTY|Product           **Oil Journal Assembly Parts**

Journal Head 66"/GR-1843
Rebuilt Journal Head 66"/GR-1843R
Upper Journal Housing 66"/GR-1842
Lower Journal Housing 66"/GR-661F
Journal Shaft 66"/GR-1613A
Lower Journal Bushing 66"/GR-660A
Upper Journal Bushing 66"/GR-1845
Lower Wear Ring 66"/GR-841
Upper Wear Ring 66"/GR-2124
Slinger Plate 66"/GR-1844
Piston Rings 66"/GR-1846
Journal Gasket 66"/GR-1151
Journal Guard 66"/GR-JG001
Grinding Roll (bolt thru type) 66"/GR-3022HC
Grinding Roll (threaded for bolt) 66"/GR-2601HC
Grinding Roll (oversized 10 1/2 x 21 1/2 dia.) 66"/GR-3021HC
Roll Bolts w/nuts 66"/GR-2939A
Shaft Lock Nut 66"/RC-216
Trunnion Shaft 66"/GR-113
Trunnion Bushing 66"/GR-1018
Trunnion Bearing Shim 66"/GR-1059
Trunnion Bearing w/pin 66"/GR-1196A
Journal Head Keeper Plate 66"/GR-556D
Keeper Plate Gasket 66"/GR-2314
Complete Journal Assembly 66"/GR-3026G
Rebuild Journal Head
Rebuild Upper Journal Housing
Rebuild Lower Journal Housing

QTY|Product           **Mill Base and Mill Bottom Parts**

Plow Holder 66"/GR-1647
Plow Body 66"/GR-271A
Plow Tip 66"/GR-270
Plow Tips (Hard Surfaced) 66"/GR-270HS
Port Liners 66"/GR-2117AN
Port Liners(fabricated) 66"/GR-2116FAB
Mill Vertical Shaft (bushing type) 66"/GR-1022
Mill Vertical Shaft (bearing type) 66"/GR-2978
Horizontal input shaft 66"/GR-1705AA
Bearing Cartridge 66"/GR-1710A
Horizontal input roller bearing 66"/MP-6057
Horizontal input tapered roller bearing assembly 66"/MP-6058
Pinion adjusting shim set 66"/GR-2244
Thrust Bearing Adaptor Plate 66"/GR-991A
Mill Bottom Bushing 66"/GR-103
Oil Pump Hub 66"/GR-992A
Oil Pump Hub Bushing 66"/GR-993
Bull Ring 66"/GR-115BX
Bull Ring Clamp 66"/RL-849A
Mill Spider Plate (6- roll) 66"/GR-1912A
Mill spider plate (5-roll) 66"/GR-2045A
Mill Spider Key 66"/GR-2427
Mill Bottom Liners (set) 66"/GR-1346D
Mill bottom bolts 66"/GR-1025A
Plow Support (6- roll) 66"/GR-1648A (old # GR-1914)
Plow Support (5- roll) 66"/GR-1790B
Plow Assembly Rivets 66"/GR-181079
Plow Holder Stud 66"/MP-7002D
Plow Holder Dowel Pin 66"/MP-5615R
Millside Assembly (highwall)
Return Air Housing (windbox)
Whizzer 8'-0
Rebuild Mill Base